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Bringing Vitality Back Into Your Life

Therapeutic Massage Services

Enjoy a relaxing,Therapeutic Massage in a peaceful location in Butte, Montana.

Kelli has a spritual & vibrational approach to bodywork. She is trained in multiple modalities and every massage is completely customized on an individual basis.

Specialties include: Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, SMRT (Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique), Energy Healing with NES Bioenergetics. Whether you want to wipe out that stress and tension, or are looking to eliminate those aches and pains, we can help…


Therapeutic Massage Services Butte Montana

“I have been a regular Client of Kelli’s for two years and highly recommend her to my friends and family! In fact, my children are her clients as well. I’ve used other massage therapists in the past and have found none to be as knowledgeable about the interconnectedness of the many elements of the skeletal-muscular system. Kelli is also very intuitive and I often find she can pinpoint my problem before our session even begins.

As I’ve moved forward past treatment for acute issues and toward more balanced health, Kelli’s NES Health system has been a beneficial addition to her services. It is fascinating to see how this new technology picks up on physical and emotional changes during each scan and can address them using vibrational medicine.

Kelli is very knowledgeable and her use of several healing modalities compliments nicely the whole experience. I feel grateful and extra lucky to have access to latest of innovative medicine.”

Megan Francisco

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Healing with Bioenergetics
Decoding the Human Body-Field to Get to the Root Cause and Restore Your Energy for Life

The body-field can be thought of as the operating system, supporting all the processing that occurs in the hardware of your body. When functioning in alignment, the body-field orchestrates harmonious balance in your body and mind, and encourages the body’s own ability to heal and be well.

Energy medicine in its many forms provides new alignment opportunities that promote growth on all levels.



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